Thrifty Props

Props and Costumes made cheap!

Hi, I’m Liam RĂ¼del

I’m a maker and a Dad. I love to build for my kids, they are a constant source of inspiration.

But… being a dad means I also need to build on a super tight budget. Here you’ll find lots of tips and tricks for how I build my props and costumes while keeping costs to a minimum.


Here are some examples of my work.

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Knight’s Helm
EVA foam

EVA foam – Second and clothes

Lightning Axe
EVA foam – PVC

LEGO Ninjago Lloyd
EVA foam – Second hand clothes

Shredder Helmet
EVA foam

Puppy Hugger
EVA foam

Bat Boy
EVA foam – fur

EVA foam – Hessian

Scarecrow Masquerade
Paper mache – Hessian

Coffin Lid

Toothpick Sword
EVA Foam

Ninjago Heads
EVA Foam