Welcome to Thrifty Props

Props and Costumes made cheap!


Hi, I’m Liam.

I’m married and have two young kids, a boy and a girl. I recently got into prop and costume making as a hobby and decided to start this site as an incentive for me to keep making things and to use it as a place to share the things I learn along the way.

Where did it all start?

Well I can thank my son for that. His nursery was taking part in a carnival and his class was dressing up as woodland animals. He decided he wanted to be a Hedgehog! It wasn’t a costume I could just buy at a local costume shop, so I decided to try make it myself! I didn’t have a big budget but I still wanted this to look good! I found a furry jumper in a charity shop, bought a roll of felt, a cheap glue gun and managed to find a cheap hedgehog mask. After that I was hooked.

What is Thrifty Props

This site and blog is a place for you to find helpful tips & tricks for making props and costumes on a super tight budget. There are lots of sites out there for you to learn how to make costumes, but I found a lot assume you have the money to spare to just buy the right materials or buy the right tools. Think of this site as the alternatives but with hopefully the same end results. Now with that said, of course we can’t produce the same results but we can certainly get the best for what we spend on it. There will also be some unavoidable expenses, but I try to avoid these if I can.

What’s the plan?

My plan is to make tutorials, regular posts about money saving tips, suggestions for alternative products / items to use which will work just as well but be cheaper and to post updates on what I’m making for myself and my kids.

Check out my Portfolio for examples of what I’ve made so far!

So that just about sums up who I am, what this is and what my plan is. Feel free to post questions and follow me on social media (you’ll find the links at the bottom of the page).

Thanks for reading,