Meet Bob

The free mannequin

Need a mannequin?

I got to the stage in my prop making where I thought a mannequin or at least a torso would be really useful for helping me make costumes. So first thing I did was have a quick look on amazon. Needless to say I quickly decided I couldn’t afford to buy one.

So what could I do?

Have a keen eye, that’s what! I always like to fully take in my surrounding and one day while walking into town I noticed a shop had just closed down and the unit cleared. Cleared of almost everything except for a torso mannequin. I said to myself wouldn’t it be awesome if they just didn’t need that anymore? There and then I decided I’d try acquire that torso. Since the shop had already closed down I went online and found an email address for the business in the hopes that I would get a response. I kindly asked that if it wasn’t needed could I have it, simple as that. A few days later I got a reply and it was mine!

The lesson to learn here is simply: Ask.

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for things for free, most of the time you’d be doing somebody a favor by taking away something they no longer need.

Oh, and here’s Bob: