Golden Ninja Hood



I decided to put up this small post on the Ninja Hood I made for my son last Halloween. I do plan on doing write ups of full build processes, but I’ll add a whole new section for that and won’t do them as blog posts.
This was going to be my first foam helmet (it’s technically a hood, but I’ll be calling it a helmet). I was nervous going into this build but eager to learn how to do it.


I templated this directly on my son’s head. I wrapped him in cling film and started to mask the top of his head. Because I wanted to have the sides of the helmet drop vertically I just taped some paper on for the lower half.
I drew the rough shape I wanted and when I was happy I cut him free. Next came one of the hardest parts of any templated build for me, deciding where to cut the pattern.

I thing I often think when I see other peoples builds is that they put way too many cuts into the templates. Especially if they use a modified pepakura template. I wanted the template to do most of the hard work for me and I was willing to heat form it into shape so I decided to only use 2 parts, and of course the other half flipped. As you can see it made for a simple looking template.


I cut all this out and did a test fit, by taping the pieces together using tape. Now as I’ve said before I would recommend using card first in case your direct template made the fit too tight, which in this case it did. That said I didn’t want to waste the foam and went ahead with the build.


I assembled the pieces using contact cement which I got cheaper by getting it from amazon as part of the add on item scheme (spend over a certain amount and get some items at a cheaper price) I recommend saving items for a bulk purchase.


After this I wrapped the helmet in more paper to create the template for the face scarf and the tri-point decoration. I then carved these with a rotary tool. I attached these with more contact cement.


I gave the whole piece a few coats with matt black spray paint, then a few coats of a cheap gold paint.

I picked up some cheap gold fabric off cuts and used this to cover the eye holes, this was doubled over and allowed my son to see. I colored in two black LEGO style eyes to finish the look.


1 Floor Mat: £1.40
Glue: 60p
Spray Paint: £1.20
Total £3.20*

*Costs are my best guess based on how much material was used and full price of items.