The Shredder


This is a quick post about how I put together my boots for my Shredder costume. I didn’t want to spend any money on this really and the shoes were a bit of an after thought but I think they turned out ok.

To template or not to template?

I was tempted to template some boot covers for this costume but I was about to throw out an old pair of trainers and decided to give them a new lease of life as some metallic boots. I just stuck my craft foam directly to the shoes instead. Having looked at my reference image I could see it would be a simple task getting the shapes correct.

It looked like three or four simple layers starting from the toes and overlapping towards the heel.

The build

I used super glue for this as I was in a bit of a hurry but contact cement would have worked fine as well. I cut some 2mm craft foam to the rough shape I wanted. The nice thing about the foam being so thin is that you can really stretch it and bend it into nice shapes, so it fitted the form of the shoes really well. Another advantage of using the super glue was that it cured really quickly so I could stretch some foam and hold it in place for a few seconds and then I was ready for the next piece.


After I had glued all the layers I gave all the foam and the shoe itself 3-4 good coats of matt black spray paint. I then dry brushed it with silver acrylic paint.

The shoes actually absorbed a lot of the paint, maybe next time I’ll try painting them with black acrylic paint first to save the cost of the spray paint.


Shoes: Free
Glue: 30p
Spray Paint: £1.00
Total £1.30*

*Costs are my best guess based on how much material was used and full price of items.