Lion Shield

Paint Job


While browsing the thrift / charity stores as I usually do on my lunch break I came across a great looking pressed foam shield. There was actually two, one of which had a handle that was starting to rip so I took this one as I knew I could repair it with some contact cement and left the other more usable one for someone else to enjoy. Now while the shield already looked great, the grey was a bit plain for me so I decided to give it a nice cheap paint job!


The paint job was going to be a relatively straight forward one. I coated the shield with a couple of layers of matt black spray paint. I usually start from black when I want to use silver as it gives it a better base color to sit on. I also sometimes see people paint an item completely in silver and weather back with various washed of blacks and browns, but I find this usually doesn’t come out looking great. What works best for me is the reverse, and it uses less silver paint. I start from black a dry brush the silver on. Check out the results.

Then I decided it needed some mre detail so I went over select areas with some gold acrylic paint. This usually requires a few layers to give an even coating.

I was really please with the final result.


Shield: 50p
Glue: 5p
Spray Paint: 50p
Acrylic Paint: 50p
Total £1.55*

*Costs are my best guess based on how much material was used and full price of items.