Heart Sword

A Thorny Tale


So I started this build way back in February. I had made the knight’s helm for Nova and decided that she needed a sword to go with it. Her brother already had one so it was only fair.


I went through my design process on one of my early twitch streams. I try to stream on Mondays, you can find me here https://www.twitch.tv/thriftyprops. I went through several different designs marking off my favourite after each stage, I then took it and refined it further. Once happy I moved onto making a scale template.


Having settled on my design I set about creating my template. I started by taping two sheets of A4 paper together. I then drew a straight center line and measured an equal distance out from this on both sides. I didn’t want the sword being too long as it’s designed for a child, but I still made sure I could hold it in my hand. A lot of this was just guess work and going with what felt right. Once happy with the basic size and shape I moved on to the details. I drew the whole saw tooth section but knew I would probably only take one section of this and repeat it to ensure I got a consistent size. After that I drew half of the cross guard, I could then just flip it to complete the shape.


I took the standard approach and sandwiched a wooden dowel between two sheets of EVA foam. I made the silly mistake of moving my template after I had done this to avoid wasting so much foam, forgetting that my dowel wouldn’t move with it. Luckily I narrowly avoided disaster and the dowel just meets the edge of the handle.

I transferred my template to the foam and cut it out.


The devils in the details, or so they say. I wanted to make this sword a bit more special so I decided to add a lot of details which you could see in the early design and templates but I had never made anything with such small details. I started by cutting out the saw section from 2mm craft foam to give a nice raised edge to start from. I then added trim all along the edge. Having not actually designed the the top edge of the sword I made the next bit up and decided to put a vine from the cross guard up to the end of the saw. I added thorns all along this for added detail. This was all cut from more 2mm craft foam and attached using super glue.

I had started cutting all these details using a craft knife but discovered that a manicure scissors was far superior for these finer details, this meant I could crate some very nice small heart shapes.

I also carved the the pommel into a heart shape using a stone bit on my rotary tool.

I continued the slow process of adding the rest of the trim and vines on my twitch streams. I also wrapped the grip with craft foam.

To help keep the finer points hard I spread a little bit of super glue on them, when this cures it goes hard and protects the points from damage.


I painted this with my usual technique. First I gave it a few good coats of matt black spray paint.

Next I dry brushed the sword with a silver acrylic in a slightly uneven coating. This gives a great metallic steel look.

I then went over the areas I wanted gold with two layers of gold acrylic paint. And gave all the thorns a more consistent coat of silver as a subtle highlight.

The grip was then painted to look like leather.


And with that the Heart Sword was finished.


1/2 Floor Mat: 70p
Craft foam: 50p
Glue: 50p
Spray Paint: £1.00
Acrylic Paint: 50p
Wooden Dowel: £1.20
Total £4.40*

*Costs are my best guess based on how much material was used and full price of items.