Coffin Prop

Let’s lift the lid


So just to get this out there straight away, I love Halloween! I mean I really, really love it. Ok cool, now that’s taken care of, onto the build. So while browsing Pinterest for Halloween ideas I came across a prop coffin and thought, hey why not?


I started by finding a pallet to use for this build. I went to my local cinema where they sometimes keep pallets out back and asked for permission to take one. I was in luck, they said yes, not to mention they had one of the pallets which has the lats really close together, so this would save me some construction time.
I’d also need some tools, so I got out my Hammer, Drill, Jigsaw, Ruler and Pencil.


Since the lats on the pallet were so close together I didn’t have to worry about fully taking the pallet apart and re-constructing the lats to be closer together. I just drew my coffin shape onto the surface of the pallet. I kept the width to four lats wide. I then cut this section off the main pallet with the jigsaw. The hammer was then used to remove the wooden blocks until I was left with a flat rectangular lid. This was then cut to shape with the jig saw. That’s all there is to the main construction. A few nails needed to be moved after cutting to keep the lats together but it was pretty straightforward.


Now at this point I could have called it a day, but I felt I could take it further. I decided to add some decals and stain. I wrote out RIP onto an A4 sheet and cut this out to make a stencil, I then taped this to the lid, added some extra paper to catch any over spray and spray painted the stencil black.

I then moved on to the stain, this was simply a coffee stain. I mixed up some ground coffee with hot water and brushed it all over the lid. The nice thing about this was as the stain dried the ground coffee looked like soil, as if the coffin had been freshly pulled from the ground!


And with that the coffin lid was finished.


Pallet: Free
Coffee: 5p
Spray Paint: 10p
Total £0.15*

*Costs are my best guess based on how much material was used and full price of items.